Creativity in the age of Mobile Marketing

Most marketers are aware of the rise of mobile, you’d be hard pressed not to be. Mobile has not only ushered in a new era of consumption for people, it’s given marketers a new canvas to tell stories. But many companies (or at least some of the people that marketers report into perhaps) are still applying the same rules they learnt in print, and TV placements to help define mobile strategies. 

To help better define the mobile landscape The Marketing Science and Creative Shop teams at Facebook partnered to examine over two years of internal and commissioned research to better understand how behavioural shifts are impacting marketing and creative strategies. Together they have examined of over 2,000 Facebook and Instagram ads to help build an understanding of why creativity matters more than ever on mobile. 

We’ve said before that a visual first approach is the only way to go when building a website but this report will help better define the mobile first landscape. Not just for digital marketers, looking to build a stronger digital strategy, but developers and designers alike. 

As Facebook  say in their report “The opportunity is literally at our fingertips. And it’s time for marketers, strategists and creatives alike to connect with people, get inspired and play more with their creative as we take on the mobile frontier together.” 

How can we as an industry break conventional norms and redefine storytelling and campaign planning now that the thumb is in charge?

Download the full report from Facebook here. A must for any digital content creator.

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