How to Survive the Pandemic as a Freelance Content Writer

With the COVID-19 pandemic hitting the world, life is not the same. While it has impacted every industry, the plight of the self-employed workforce is beyond imagination. They are neither getting employment nor are they eligible for government’s financial aid benefits. Dealing with the loss of business, restrictions and a lot of mental and emotional stress have become a lifestyle for many. 

However, if you’re a freelance content writer, we’ve some news for you. You may still work around and flip the situation. Lots of businesses are closing on their brick and mortar stores and going digital. This has increased the scope of content writing as a career.  It is truly said, “words never die”. The extra time on hands will encourage you to think out of the box and play to your strengths strategically. 

The current situation is a great excuse and incentive to get rid of that writer’s block and yield some cash. Let’s take a look at how to kill two birds with one stone and survive the pandemic.

Internet Is Your Savior

The pandemic has caused chaos around. There is hardly any form of entertainment apart from gadgets being our best friends. People are utilizing this time to indulge in some reading. Writing engaging articles and blogs can help you make money in this pandemic. 

A lot of online platforms pay writers to provide content. You can look them up and find a way to mine some cash. The key here is to know your audience. Find a platform that caters to your needs without compromising your talent. While some organizations prefer writing about current affairs, others sell artwork and stories. Take your pick and work your way through.

Looking for the Right Platforms

Most content writing clients do not look for individual writers. They contact SEO content writing companies whom they can trust with their content. Get in touch with those organizations to secure a stable job with consistent pay.

With so much crises going around, lots of organizations are looking to write about it. Each business, big or small, has been affected by COVID19. Many of them are using it as a tool to market their business benefits through articles. Even nonprofit organizations have no other way to spread information and content than through social media. These would include captions, blogs, and poster content. Approaching them to get and give help is a good idea. 

Work on your website

You probably chose to freelance because you like to work for yourself and on your terms. In the fight between income and self-employment, income always wins. Now is the chance to reverse that. Start working on that site you have been gazing at but never got to finish. It will distract your mind from the mental stress. Cherry on the top, we can help get online in no time at all with our affordable web design services

Readers have an eye for informative content on the current situation. Apart from the virus, 2020 has been a rocky road in several aspects. Penning down thoughts about politics or even the climate change situation will attract the audience.

Plagiarism Checkers to the Rescue

Plagiarism is a big no-no in any institution or organisation. Why should a company hire you or why should users read your content when the same can be Googled in a few seconds? Thus, while writing any piece, your priority should be to ensure your work is original and authentic.

Taking references, statistics or facts does not count as “copied” work so, don’t frown already! Plagiarism checkers check for similarity in sentences and not content. Even though your topic is the same, it might not be plagiarised. However, you must frame it in your own words while delivering it.

With so much time on hands and strain on minds, clients are being incredibly particular. This means zero tolerance to plagiarism and low quality. Hence, it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

In this situation, online plagiarism checkers are extremely helpful. There are a ton of them available on Google for free. While the paid ones are precisely accurate, the ones available for free do a decent job as well.

Google Is Your Best Friend

Search engines are blowing up with quarantine content all over the internet. Google statistics show that the top search during the pandemic is well, all related to the pandemic! These are followed by searches for new connections and ways to change routine. Articles covering trendy topics like these can put your visionary under the spotlight.

The SEO content hunt still continues in the market. It is essential to keep in mind the keyword density while writing for a client. The more you give to Google, the more it will give to you. So, make sure you’re writing to impress and attract.

Connect with Others

It is in the times of need that you must have your friends and helpers close to you. If the internet is not able to surprise you, a person from the industry definitely will. Make yourself a LinkedIn page and reach out to other freelancers. Contact companies and apply wherever you can.

A million people are facing this difficulty and it is important to know that you are not alone. Talking to someone facing the same situation will not only give you mental peace but also a new perspective. Add writers and authors to your network and they might be able to hook you to some agency or company. It is necessary to market yourself in these desperate times.

If you have leisurely avoided your finances before, it’s high time that you turn back and evaluate. It is uncertain as to when these tough times will end. So, pay attention to your money. If you’re living with a friend on rent, move back in with your parents. 

Invest in some good bank policies and create an emergency fund. If there is anything that the pandemic has taught us then it’s that life is too short and unpredictable. Therefore, adopt these ways to survive the pandemic and make a living for yourself.

Guest post written by Megan Madison.