How many hashtags should I use on Instagram?

Selecting the best hashtags for your Instagram posts can mean the difference between appearing at the top of your feeds or sinking to the bottom without a trace. Get it right and you can enjoy long tail success collecting likes through discovery for days after but getting it wrong can mean your post could be lost in the darkest shadows of your social media community.

If you make your hashtags too generic like #happy or #Monday – and your post will be drowned out instantly by millions of others. It’s better to use a mix of tags that are trending now and relevant to your industry allowing you to connect with your targeted social media followers.

The number of hashtags you use per post on Instagram is also critical. While Instagram allows for up to 30 tags, a mass of tags underneath your caption risks looking unprofessional. Save your tags elsewhere so you can group tags under your likely topics of engagement. To help tidy your chosen hashtags bury them under a run of full stops like so:

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