Web Design for emergency use. The Willow website is designed to be ultra-fast and mobile-friendly. Delivering info fast and effectively. After almost two years in the making, from concept to execution, we are very proud to launch our new microsite: Willow.org.au – Women’s Legal on the Go

Designed in WordPress the website is specifically created to provide easy access to simplified online legal information for women escaping violence or in crisis, women with low literacy, and women with limited digital capability, this site loads quickly and easily on mobile phones and other portable devices, even with poor 3G connections in regional or rural areas.

We know that this resource will be extremely helpful for women all over NSW.

This project was made possible by state government grants, in-kind support, and the dedication of the team at WLSNSW who tirelessly aim to improve the lives of women in crisis.  We would also like to acknowledge the help received in focus groups and community consultations during our early research and development stage as well as the recent testing phase.

The website is designed to be ultra-fast and mobile-friendly, understanding that those who may be using the site may be doing so covertly.  To help shield the use of the site from others in control we have built-in browser clearing and a “safe exit” button to help cover the pathway to freedom.

A website created predominantly by women who understand the unique challenges faced by domestic violence survivors fosters a sense of trust and empathy. Women who visit the site can feel confident that the information and resources provided are sensitive to their needs and experiences.

We had the WordPress site designed by Millie and, our primary developer, Karol helped solve many of the challenges with safety exits and nested containers. We wanted the site to portray the subtle strength of a willow tree through free-flowing, light-touch patterns designed to soften the stronger information available on the website.

We’re proud to have created a dedicated website designed for women, by women, containing sensitive information about fleeing domestic violence. We’re confident it addresses the unique needs of domestic violence survivors, helps to ensure their safety, and provides a comprehensive support system to help them escape and recover from abusive situations.

Check it out here: willow.org.au