Claystone Meats

Claystone Meats, an award winning visionary in sustainable meat production, aimed to revolutionise the pet food industry with its IPO launch on the Birchal platform. When it came to amplifying their crowdfunding campaign and maximising its impact, Claystone turned to Marzipan, a trusted name renowned for its expertise in social media advertising and crowdfunding support.

As a preferred supplier on the Birchal platform, Marzipan has a track record of empowering businesses to reach their fundraising goals. Leveraging their strategic insights and innovative marketing techniques, Marzipan worked hand in hand with Claystone Meats to craft a compelling narrative and execute a targeted social media campaign that captivated investors and supporters alike.

Through collaborative efforts, Claystone Meats surpassed their crowdfunding targets with flying colours, realising their vision for a sustainable future in the meat industry. The partnership between Claystone Meats and our digital agency exemplifies the power of synergy, innovation, and strategic collaboration in achieving crowdfunding success on the Birchal. Grateful to be a preferred supplier and work with such exciting and enthusiastic brands.