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Marzipan Media, your favourite digital marketing agency known for innovative and human-centric approaches, are excited to announce its rebrand to simply “Marzipan.” This change reflects our evolving identity and commitment to helping our clients shine online, inspired by our deep love for the ocean.

A Fresh Look with Natural Tones

Our new logo and visual identity incorporate earthy, natural tones, drawing inspiration from some of our favourite brands, like Ottway Label, and the creative design approaches of The Morris Project. This shift is not just about aesthetics; it’s about a deeper commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency in digital design. It offers a childlike simplicity and playfulness that we hope is reflected in our work. We approached Sculpt Design to get onboard and reimagine our logo design from an outside perspective and love the work that they created for us.

Sustainable Web Design

At Marzipan, we believe that every aspect of our work should reflect our commitment to sustainability. Our new colour palette was chosen with environmental impact in mind. By moving away from energy-intensive pure-white backgrounds and embracing a low-carbon palette, we aim to make a positive difference, especially across the growing number of OLED devices.

Balancing Efficiency with User Experience

Choosing the right colours is just one element of designing a sustainable website or digital product. The benefits of energy efficiency must be carefully balanced with our brand’s messaging and the user experience. Our new design maintains this balance, ensuring that our digital content creations built for our clients remain impactful and engaging, helping them shine online, while being environmentally responsible. It’s also a shorter URL which we love.

This was partly inspired by a move from an old colleague at Sydney Living Museums who pushed for the abbreviated url. A move that was potentially misunderstood internally at the time but paid dividends. The move has it’s own SEO benefits as well as some challenges which we’ll talk about in a later post. 

Commitment to Excellence

While our name and look have evolved, our core mission remains unchanged. Marzipan continues to be dedicated to helping our clients shine online. Our team of experts leverages cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, personalised to each client’s needs, to drive engagement, growth, and success.

About Marzipan

Marzipan is a digital marketing agency from Bondi specialising in innovative solutions that help businesses thrive online. From SEO and content marketing to social media and web design, we offer a full suite of digital content services designed to elevate our clients’ digital presence and shine online.

Marzipan Media Agency - digital content creators sydney
Marzipan Media - digital content creators - web design sydney