Happy New Year

Australia's bushfires showcase the power of social Media for good.

Happy New Year from all of us to all of you. We’re so excited for another lap around the sun.

We, in Australia, have had a heartbreaking start to the year. We have been shocked and saddened at the impact of these devastating bush fires. While we have held much scorn over the slow reaction of our government, it’s love for fossil fuel, and denials of climate change in the face of great scientific data, we have also been heartened by the great digital initiatives that are pooping up online this Christmas.

Some creative and delightful opportunities exist out there to support local business and we would love to share a few of our favourite social media accounts and digital content creators bringing joy to the world right now. 

@buyfromthebush A showcase of beautiful things to buy from rural communities facing drought.

@spendwiththem by @turiapitt and @graciemcb. A hub through which fire-ravaged towns can showcase their wares for sale. Purchase incredible products to keep the businesses and economies of these damaged areas ticking over.

@emptyesky A movement of foodies + adventurers supporting local businesses affected by the Aust

www.itsmyshout.com.au An online platform which lets you pay for virtual products to support businesses in East Gippsland, Victoria impacted by the lack of tourism amid the bushfires.

@social_for_goodness An insta auction which raised over 12K for the NSW and QLD fires and continuing to use the power of social media for good.

Let’s not forget former client and all round legend Celeste Barber’s global campaign which raised a whopping $45,789,348 and counting!

If you have created, led, participated, donated to or shared any campaigns supporting fire impacted communities, THANK YOU. Sadly, there are still fires burning and communities to rebuild so please keep on giving and supporting as much as you can.

Feature image from Stoll Photography