SEO Tips for 2019

We recently sat down with Brittany Bennet, founder of health and fitness website Fittopia to contemplate the future of SEO for start ups and small businesses. As we head to 2019, SEO remains as important as ever with more small businesses jostling to found online.

As more business owners become savvy to SEO, staying on top of future trends is crucial for your website to stay competitive. In this recent podcast created for the Fittopia site we discuss all things SEO, providing top tips for anyone looking to get found online. We share our favourite SEO tips to help you stay ranking.

We love working with Brittany and have done so for a number of years so we jumped at the chance to join her for a chat about SEO on her Fit List Podcast series.

SEO TIps - Fit List Podcast Brittany Bennet Sydney

Listen as we discuss the following questions about SEO:

  • I don’t have a website only social media is there any thing I can do to get found easier
  • Are there any SEO tips I can do even if I know nothing about updating my website?
  • If I pay someone to do my SEO how will know if it’s working?
  • What is SEO and why is it important for a business who has a website
  • Is SEO exclusive for Google or for other search engines to?
  • What are some of the key ways to boost your ranking on Google?
  • There is some information out there saying that if the exact same content runs twice on
  • Google you will be penalised. Is this true? If so how different does the content need to be to keep your ranking high?
  • If you are sharing content with another platform, is there a way to not get penalised if you don’t change the wording?
  • Are there any principals that a business should apply on a daily or weekly basis to keep their SEO high?

The #SEO podcast is just one in a series of chats produced for the new online course for Wellness Businesses produced by Brittany & her team at Fittopia to help you master your own PR and Marketing. If you’re looking to boost your profile and brand awareness in the health, wellness and lifestyle space, then this course to help you achieve just that!

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