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Rome wasn’t built in a day… but this website was!

After 30 years of being a comedian, Irish-Australian comedy legend Jimeoin is doing a comedy tour that’s getting back to basics. With a different comedian friend each episode, they’ll be camping, travelling & performing comedy at holiday parks around Australia, strolling from their tent, cabin, or caravan to deliver splitting laughs! A unique travel show with many punchlines, great vistas & difficulty putting up a tent. It needed a unique website and rather quickly too.

The show’s producers were looking for something modern, easy to use and responsive for mobiles and that allowed their audiences to catch up on episodes and a new podcast. As the site was needed urgently we opted for a Premium WordPress Template as opposed to a bespoke design, with layout and colour changes to reflect the company brand, this was achieved using the Oshine theme. This WordPress theme is a popular, creative WordPress theme used by 30,000+ customers across the world. the theme uses a powerful and elegant front end page builder for WordPress, that comes with 50+ styling modules, a live text editor and pre-built concepts. It makes building web pages a breeze and is loved by newbies and pros like us alike.

We were able to build the website in 24hrs and ensure it was live in time for its Channel 10 debut. View the website here, take in a show and enjoy the podcast here: waltzingjimeoin.tv

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