Jarli – Reach for the stars

It’s not every day you get help on projects that lift you higher but that’s exactly what happened when the House of Kitch invited us to create some social media assets for Jarli, an inspirational short film to inspire Indigenous school kids to reach for the stars. Together we created digital content assets for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the launch of this beautiful animated film, Jarli.

Jarli is a proud Aboriginal girl with a knack for building things, especially things that fly. Created by the Royal Australian Air Force and UTS_ALA to inspire our kids to study STEM subjects and perhaps one day join the RAAF.  ‘Jarli’ is another animation gem that weaves visual and oral story elements to explore the dream of flight, indigenous astronomy, and the future of our planet and its people. Jarli, 16, lives with her family in a remote community in Australia. She might look small, but she asks big questions and has big ideas. She also has a knack for building things – especially things that fly – and wants to fly herself one day… maybe even into outer space. Jarli dreams of being the first person to travel to other worlds in our solar system.

Directed by Simon Rippingale, the animated short is a collaboration with First Nations storytellers, the UTS Animal Logic Academy in collaboration with the Royal Australian Air Force and Like a Photon Creative.

Project timings are always a curious thing, and this one landed just after a short stint of fostering by Marzipan cofounder and digital guy, Ben Adams who looked after two young aboriginal children. These kids had seen some of the worst things imaginable and yet were able to still see the joy and wonder of the world, without bitterness or judgement. There are so many systemic barriers in the way of closing the gap but we’re certain projects born out of love, such as this one, may help pave the way. They loved watched Jarli and enjoyed our social media games, assets and creative that was created for the film.

Marzipan have created a range of social media tiles for its full release, including animated gifs, interactive AR backgrounds for Instagram and more. We’re deeply sadened to learn that the films national release was caught up in the politics of a National – liberal government.