Comoditi Jeans

Marzipan are proud to have created this summer’s brand content for Comoditi Denim Jeans Co.

We produced the content creation shoot in Bondi Beach to showcase the lightweight denim brand and the various styles on offer. Making the most of the setting sun to create a library of stills and video content for the brand to be used online and on social. Our content creation shoots are designed to give small businesses maximum digital content from the shoot, providing useable content for as long as possible. Shot on a Sony F7 we provided a huge library of stills and video from the day.

What sets Comoditi jeans apart from their competitors is the weight of their denim. Where most selvedge labels produce heavy denim aimed for customers living in cold countries, we regard this denim unbearable in hot climate countries like Australia.

We created a lean shoot, using just photographer & Videographer Tom Robinson who’s worked with the likes of Jeep, Boss Hunting and Men’s Health to create the natural look and feel desired.

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