Urban Metal. Our latest AdWords and SEO client

We are thrilled to welcome Urban Metal to our roster of SEO and AdWords clients! 

As a small team of creatives, we can already tell that they honestly love the work they do. From their Brisbane-based studio, they’re on a mission to create beautiful, laser-cut decorative metal screens that inspire people to reflect, ignite conversations, and ultimately, enhance the space in which they live, study and work. They are PicPerf specialists and specialise in First Nations Designs and wayfinding. 

Being a boutique digital agency we resonate with their passiona and are eager to collaborate with them to enhance their online presence, drive traffic, and generate high-quality leads. 

At Marzipan, we understand that contacting people at the point of decision-making is crucial, which is why we leverage AdWords to reach the right audience at the right time. What’s more, by pairing our SEM services with SEO, we often see lower cost per click and higher ad rankings for our clients. When SEO is conducted on a website first it ensures brand messaging is synchronised across both organic search and AdWords. Welcome aboard, Urban Metal – we look forward to reaching new heights together!