Prequalified for NSW State Government Advertising and Digital Communications Services – SCM2701

We’re excited to announce Marzipan Media have been successful for all nominated categories and are now a prequalified service provider for NSW Government on the Advertising and Digital Communications Services Scheme – SCM2701.
This allows us to provide the NSW Government with our expertise and experience of digital content creation, creative advertising and digital communications services.  

The Scheme is managed and overseen by Strategic Communications and Events, providing NSW Government agencies access to a wide range of creative advertising and digital communications skills and expertise such as ourselves.
We’re excited about the opportunities that may flow on from the exciting work we’ve already achieved for some amazing agencies within the NSW Government sector. 

When Sweet Addiction launched in the brand new exhibition space within the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney it was our video that helped set the scene, and introduced The Calyx.

Video Produced By Marzipan Media for Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

Our Digital Marketing Strategy for Sydney Living Museums helped secure a sell out campaign for Sydney Open in 2016 and again in 2017. Utilising paid social media, combined with Search and retargeting ads to reach their target audiences and ensure a strong conversion to sales. 

We’ve also provided social media training, support for Google Adwords, and email marketing campaigns for organisation that cares for and supports twelve significant historic homes, and museums within New South Wales.  

Centennial Park is one of the most vibrant and diverse public green spaces in Australia, but it is also one of the busiest. Marzipan Media created a series of videos and other digital content for use in social to help amplify key messaging about sharing the park. One of our favourites is below.

We look forward to providing many NSW Government agencies with video, digital marketing and social media support in the future. 

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